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  • Focus on Things You Can Do

  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide:
    Healthful Leisure

    Focus on Things You Can Do

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    Most family problems are normal. However, if you feel helpless or overwhelmed, you can call Bradley Hospital.

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    Try not to focus on obstacles. Although there are often barriers such as money, time, transportation, lack of awareness and fear, there are also alternatives.

    For example, if you want to exercise and meet people but can't afford to join a health club, you can begin by walking. Then look into no-cost walking clubs.

    If you are trying to make friends, it helps to use a hobby or special interest as a starting point. Places for ideas include:

    • Local newspaper listings
    • Town bulletin boards
    • YMCAs
    • Departments of parks and recreation
    • Your children's schools
    • Churches
    • Libraries
    • Social clubs
    • Sports clubs
    • Scouting organizations

    Professional help can get you started


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