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  • General Information About Endoscopy and Colonoscopy Procedures


      Preparation Instructions

    Colonoscopy/Endoscopy Procedures (PDFs)

    Upper GI Endoscopy

    Sigmoidoscopy with sedation

    Sigmoidoscopy without sedation 

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    Magnesium Citrate

    Magnesium Citrate (split dose)


    Miralax (for diabetics)

    Miralax (split dose)


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    Our all-woman staff provides a level of comfort, calm and privacy to our patients, as well as unparalleled expertise and experience. Intimate procedures such as colorectal cancer screening and prevention, or upper endoscopy, are conducted with privacy and dignity, setting our patients at ease and allowing them to focus on their health.

    We are uniquely skilled in performing colonoscopies for women. Our precancerous polyp detection rate and removal in women is far greater than the national average.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you mean by "clear liquids"?
    Clear liquids are any watery fluids you can see through, such as water, apple juice, herbal tea (no milk), clear chicken broth, Gatorade, etc.

    Why must I avoid red liquids?
    The red color can remain in the colon and could be mistaken for blood.

    One of the medications I was instructed to take the morning of my procedure is red. Can I still take it?
    Yes. You may take medication for high blood pressure, heart conditions, and seizures the morning of your exam, regardless of the color.

    Can I brush my teeth?

    Can I wear my dentures?
    Yes, you may wear your dentures to your procedure appointment. However, you may be asked to remove them prior to the colonoscopy.

    My instructions say not to take anti-inflammatory or blood thinning medications for several days before the procedure. What can I take for headaches and pain relief?
    You may take Tylenol.

    Can I have gum or candy on the day of my procedure?
    No. Please do not chew gum, eat candy or suck on hard candy the day of your procedure.

    Can I have chicken soup?
    You can only drink clear liquids-so you can have the chicken broth, but no noodles, chicken, or vegetables.