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  • Planned Giving - Leave a Legacy

  • Planned giving is a way of making a charitable gift where some thought and some assistance are needed to complete the donation. The assistance can come from an attorney, stockbroker, tax advisor, insurance agent or gift planning officer. The thoughtfulness comes from what you want your gift to accomplish for patient care, clinical education and medical research.

    Planned giving offers many options to help you make a gift commitment while deriving other benefits, including an income-for-life, tax assistance or the satisfaction of knowing your charitable legacy will live on.


    Charitable Trusts

    Created with the help of certified legal and financial advisors, trusts are a good way to manage your assets. The types of trusts available vary widely. The most common are listed below.

    • Living Trust-Sometimes called a "Loving Trust," this is a popular choice. Just as in a will, a living trust can specify charitable donations by a specific sum, a percentage, specific asset or "what's left." Assets in living trusts are not sheltered from possible estate tax because the trust can be changed at any time.
    • Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)-Often called "the king of trusts" for its flexibility, the CRT is growing in popularity. This trust can pay the donor an income-for-life and can be funded with any asset of a marketable nature with income deferred, if needed, to a later date. > > more

    Donating Securities

    Giving stock that you have held for more than one year is an excellent way to make a "cashless" gift. You avoid any capital gains tax when donating stock. You can use the stock's fair market value (the value of the high and low price on the day we receive it) as your charitable deduction, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income. 

    Please contact us by telephone, email or regular mail for the latest stock transfer directions, as these directions may change without prior notice. > > more

    Donating Life Insurance

    The 1% Planned Gift

    The Easiest Planned Gift

    Simply designate 1% (or any percentage) of an insurance policy you control to Rhode Island Hospital. You can keep your family and loved ones as 99% beneficiaries while making a charitable planned gift. > > more

    Gift Annuities

    A charitable gift annuity is a simple agreement in which a donor makes a gift (minimum of $10,000) and receives income-for-life in exchange. A single gift can create multiple benefits. > > more

    Retirement Plans

    Avoid a 70% Tax Rate

    Many Americans have IRAs or 401(k) plans that have greatly appreciated in value. Should you not live to realize all of that account, it makes sense to consider naming a charity to receive some of the asset. > > more

    Will Bequests

    Once your family and loved ones have been provided for, a charitable bequest in your will is a thoughtful way to leave your legacy. Bequests can take several forms:

    • A stated dollar amount
    • A percentage
    • A specific asset

    We encourage you always to seek legal counsel when you create or revise your will. > > more


    Find out more: Contact the Rhode Island Hospital Development Office, at 401-444-6758 for more information.

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