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  • Graduate Nurse Internship

  • Our graduate nurse internship is designed to facilitate the transition from the role of graduate nurse to the beginning practitioner. The approach is comprehensive and focuses on the necessary elements, theoretical issues and technical skills that serve as a framework and foundation for the nurse in the acute care setting. The program starts with classroom orientation to the hospital and patient care services. New graduates learn about clinical and professional issues relevant to safe and quality patient care. Topics covered include legal and ethical issues, resources to support professional practice, delegation of care and critical thinking, performance evaluation and improvement as it pertains to nursing indicators of excellence. Clinical skills reviewed include IV therapy, medication administration through the closed loop medication electronic record, blood transfusions, wound care, restraints, respiratory care, the perioperative process and infection control.

    Nurses are introduced to the research process and evidence based practice. The patient admission, discharge and continuity of care processes including spiritual and end of life care is reviewed. Newport Hospital's electronic clinical documentation system is presented through hands on training. Each participant is assigned to an experienced clinical preceptor who oversees the clinical orientation the role of the clinical preceptor is to provide guidance and direction and to insure the nurse's successful integration into our Magnet environment. The length of the clinical orientation period is individualized to meet each new graduate's needs.

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