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  • Group Therapy at Bradley Hospital

    When do new groups start?

    Groups are offered on a year-round basis. When one group ends, another group begins a few weeks later. Registration is always open.

    How do I register for a group?

    A parent or guardian must complete a registration form. This form can be filled out electronically or printed and filled out. The form can be brought to the Outpatient Department, mailed, faxed or sent via email to:

    Bradley Hospital Outpatient Department
    1011 Veterans Memorial Parkway
    East Providence, RI 02915
    Fax: 401-432-1506

    How long will I have to wait for my child to attend a group?

    Typically your child will have to wait about three months to start a group from the time the registration form is received. The amount of time depends upon the size of the wait list and could be shorter or longer in some cases.

    Does registration ensure my child will be invited to participate in a group?

    No. Groups are filled on a first come, first served basis and children are matched according to age, level of need and whether the group is appropriate for the needs of the child or family.

    I've sent in my Registration Form. Will I be notified?

    Registration forms will be reviewed carefully by the clinician leading each group. We will confirm receipt of your registration via mail, email or telephone. If your child or family is considered appropriate for the group, you will be contacted to schedule an initial evaluation. If your child or family is not considered appropriate for the group you will also be notified.

    What makes my child, teen or family a "good candidate" for group therapy?

    This depends on many factors, including the type and severity of your child's difficulties and their current level of functioning. Those with higher severity or who are currently in crisis are typically not appropriate for group. However, if other supports are in place, group therapy might be a viable option. A clinician will talk with you and/or your child to determine if group therapy is appropriate for the level of need.

    A "good candidate" for group is a child or parent who is willing to participate in group-based therapy. Children often have some reservations about attending a group. However, those who are willing to participate are generally able to benefit more from this kind of therapy. A clinician will talk with your child about their reservations or concerns during the initial evaluation and help your family determine if group therapy is appropriate for you and your child .

    What is the cost of participating in group therapy?

    Your insurance will be billed for the initial evaluation. Those who are invited to attend the group will also be billed for each group therapy session. Your usual co-payment, coinsurance and deductibles will apply to all appointments. For those without health insurance, a self-pay fee scheduled is available upon request. All groups require a one-time $25 materials fee.

    What if my child needs more immediate assistance?

    If you are concerned that your child is currently at risk of harming her/himself or others, please call 911 or contact the Bradley Hospital Access Center at 401-432-1364.