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  • Platinum Circle ($1,000+)


    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Abrams

    Accomplice Pictures, Inc.

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ackerman

    Amica Insurance

    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Anderson

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Andreozzi

    Anonymous (7)

    Aon Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baccari

    Bank of America

    Mr. Mark Baribeau

    Mr. Jonathan A. Barnes and Ms. Patricia Sullivan

    Dr. and Mrs. Rowland P. Barrett

    Christina J. Bellanti, Ph.D.

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Benes

    Dr. and Mrs. Paul Berard

    The William Bingham Foundation

    Boisseau & Dean LLP

    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Brown

    Trust of Rena Burney

    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Caron

    Carpionato Properties, Inc.

    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Charness

    Claflin Company

    Rallis Conover Family Fund

    Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Coppolino

    Ms. Carole M. Cotter

    Cox Communications

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Cummings

    CVS Caremark

    CVS Caremark Charity Classic

    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dalgliesh

    Ms. Edythe M. DeMarco and Mr. Tom Byrne

    Dr. and Mrs. Charles Denby

    Daniel Dickstein, MD

    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. DiPrete

    Edwards Wildman

    Electric Boat Employee Community Service Association

    Mrs. Delia M. Fialho

    Dr. Mark I. Schwager and Dr. Patricia J. Flanagan

    Dr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Fritz

    Ann M. Gerken Trust

    Gilbane Building Company

    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gilbane, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Goldner

    Grant & Bowman, LTD

    Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation

    The Emma G. Harris Foundation

    Department of Pediatrics – Hasbro Children's Hospital

    Hasbro, Inc.

    Head Of Westport Fire Association Incorporation

    Mr. Jeffrey Hirsh

    Horacio B. Hojman, MD

    Ms. Lauren J. Hummel

    Dr. Jeffrey I. Hunt and Dr. Cheryl Flynn

    Hunter Public Relations

    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hurley

    George A. and Evelyn M. Ingleby Fund

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Kilmartin

    Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Klein

    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Kohlhammer

    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Larisa, Sr.

    Mr. Bruce N. Leonard

    The June Rockwell Levy Foundation, Inc.

    Ida Ballou Littlefield Memorial Trust

    Litzky Public Relations

    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Livingston, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Hugo R. Mainelli, III

    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mancini

    Mr. and Ms. John Marconi

    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Mathieu

    McAdams Charitable Foundation

    Alletta Morris McBean Charitable Trust

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. McCarthy

    Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern New England

    Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc.

    Mr. V. Brandon Melton and Ms. Carolyn N. Merriman

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen O. Meredith

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Michalczyk

    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mihaly

    Peter and Jennifer Millones

    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Milner

    Mr. and Mrs. W. Lincoln Mossop, Jr.

    National Inclusion Project

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Norris

    Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Parker

    Mr. Christopher D. Graham and Dr. Jessica L. Pepitone

    Pepsi Beverage Company

    Ms. Carol A. Peterson

    Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Quadrini

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Quill, Jr.

    Ms. Diane Rennie

    Rhode Island Medical Imaging, Inc.

    Mr. John Robitaille and Ms. Lynda F. Adams-Robitaille

    Dr. Thomas R. Roesler and Dr. Carole Jenny

    Mrs. Dorothy M. Sanborn

    Mr. and Mrs. Curt Schilling

    Mary and Michael Schwartz Fund

    Honorable and Mrs. Bruce M. Selya

    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Serby

    Shriners of Rhode Island Charities Trust

    Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Siperstein

    Mrs. M. Patricia Sisson

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Smith

    Eric and Peggy Smith Family Fund

    The Sundel-Strauss Family Foundation

    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Tracy, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Treat

    Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Verrecchia

    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Wall

    Mr. John W. Wall

    Mr. Nick R. Wall

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Walsh, Sr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Washburn

    The White Family Foundation

    Ms. Dianne Wilkie

    Yankee Fiber Control, Inc.

    Mr. Thomas Zaccagnino

    Gold ($750.00 - $999.99)


    Gowri Anandarajah, MD

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Boudreaux

    Mr. and Mrs. Carroll J. Delaney, Jr.

    Mr. Robert A. Duval

    Drs. Peter and Malini C. Gillen

    The Jack and Pauline Freeman Foundation, Inc.

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kennedy

    Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Monti

    Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Skinner

    Shirley Spater-Freedman, DMD, MPH



    Silver ($500.00 - $749.99)


    Mr. Paul J. Adler and Ms. Lori Basilico

    Dr. and Bassam Aswad

    Mr. Ian Barnacle

    Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Bogdanovic

    Mr. and Mrs. Roswell S. Bosworth, Jr.

    Mr. Richard Boudreau

    Mr. and Mrs. Kalman E. Buchovecky

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Carniaux

    Congressman David N. Cicilline

    Mr. Geoffrey Davis

    Ms. Karen M. Davis

    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Leo Dowling, Jr.

    Ms. Ruth D. Fain

    Mr. David Fergenbaum

    Ms. Andrea V. Ferreira, MPH

    Alice I. Sullivan Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Galamaga

    Mrs. Joyce R. Greene

    Mr. Brian Hagerty and Dr. Donna M. Hagerty

    Mr. and Mrs. Almon C. Hall

    Mr. and Mrs. John Harwood

    Michael Robbins, PhD and Karyn J. Horowitz, MD

    Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Horowitz

    Mr. and Mrs. James Hutzler

    Mr. and Mrs. Glen Johnson

    Dr. and Mrs. Joel M. Kaufman

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard LeClerc

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lipman

    Major Electric Supply, Inc.

    Ms. Veronica L. Marchak

    Ms. Jacqueline M. Marshall

    Mr. Phil Marsosudiro

    Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. McDonald

    The Murray Family Charitable Foundation

    Ocean State Forklift Inc.

    Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Reardon

    Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Regan

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reilly, Jr.

    Mrs. Beverly W. Rich

    Ms. Jacqueline M. Savoie and Dr. F. Dennis McCool

    Ms. Marcia Serby

    Mrs. Sandra C. Silva

    Ms. Juliann Sousa

    Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Sykulski

    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Wachtenheim

    Mr. George Wakeman and Ms. Tina Traficanti

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wallace

    Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Williams



    Bronze ($250.00 - $499.99)


    Adler, Cohen, Harvey, Wakeman and Guekguezian

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Alves

    Mr. Daniel Berkery

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Bessette

    Dr. Karen T. Cammuso and Mr. Clarke Greene

    Marlene Cutitar, MD

    Dr. and Mrs. John V. DeGoes

    Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Deneault

    Department of Psychiatry – Rhode Island Hospital

    Mr. Stephen G. Earle

    Ms. Adrianna D. Erickson

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Germano

    Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Goldberg

    HGB Services LLC

    Ms. Corsie P. Hyland

    The Kane-Barrengos Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krawczyk

    Ms. Mary E. Mainelli

    The Mann Family Foundation

    David W. McConville, Ph.D.

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mollo

    Dr. Eric Morrow, MD

    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Nigri

    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Paterno

    Ms. Michelle M. Pellegrino

    Providence Beverage Co.

    Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ramos

    Laura A. Ruoff, MD

    Mr. Theodore J. Rzemien

    Ms. Debra Saccoccio and Mr. Thomas Meschino

    Mrs. Barbara H. Sage

    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Searles

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Soutter

    Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Sutton

    Mr. Charles L. Wade and Ms. Lynn M. Pascal

    Ms. Kimberly A. Waggoner

    Ms. Anne L. Wilson

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Zakin

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