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  • Increasing Your Chances of a Successful Party

  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide:
    Teenage Parties

    Increasing Your Chances of a Successful Party

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    Sometimesjust a little help can prevent short-term problems from becoming more serious.

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    For your teenager, being liked and accepted by peers is very important. Your child may feel pressured to have the kind of party that he or she thinks will be attractive. Your challenge as a parent is to give your child options for a successful party. Planning is your best bet.

    • Consider entertainment such as music or videos.

    • Keep the guests busy with games or competitions that are appropriate for their ages, such as demonstrating a new dance and then having the guests perform for humorous prizes.

    • Have plenty of food and soft drinks. Maybe you can serve something that allows the kids to get involved in preparation, such as a summer barbecue, or in decoration, such as for a post-game victory party.

    • Limit the number of guests and invite only friends who have common interests and compatible personalities.

    • Do not allow alcoholic beverages but have fun alternatives on hand. For example, make exotic fruit drinks in a blender for summer parties or serve hot cider or cocoa in the winter. Flavored sparkling waters are interesting and exotic.

    An Opportunity to Reinforce Values and Enhance Your Relationship

    Your willingness to help your child plan a party is a sign that you care. Likewise, talking with your child about attending a party is an opportunity to show love and establish trust.

    Our best advice is to be aware and not to hide your head in the sand. You never know-you may even have some fun yourself.

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