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    Inpatient Psychiatry Services include assessment and treatment of acutely ill patients requiring a safe, secure environment for treatment of the full range of psychiatric problems, including psychotic disorders,mood disorders, geriatric disorders and suicidality. Care is also available for patients whose psychiatric symptoms occur in the context of other medical conditions, developmental disabilities or substance abuse.

    Treatment is predicated on the bio-psycho-social model, in which biological, psychological and social factors are examined as causes of the illness and are addressed in treatment. Patients are cared for by a multidisciplinary team, who work with patients and their families to transition as quickly as possible into appropriate outpatient programs.

    Inpatient psychiatric services at Rhode Island Hospital are provided in 31 beds located in the Jane Brown building. Because of integration with and ready access to the full capabilities of a tertiary care academic medical hospital, this unit can assess and manage psychiatric patients with significant medical conditions.

    Inpatient psychiatric services at Newport Hospital are provided in a 15-bed unit.

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