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  • Joseph T. Ciccolo, PhD

  • Joseph T. Ciccolo, PhD, has degrees in exercise physiology and exercise psychology, with additional training in behavioral medicine. His broad research interest is physical activity promotion, with a specific focus on how participation in physical activity can be used to achieve other important public health goals. His research examines the effects of adding exercise into treatment plans for addiction, mental health disorders and other chronic disease states. Ciccolo's approach is multidisciplinary and collaborative, with an overall goal of elucidating ways in which exercise, specifically resistance training, can be used as a tool for enhancing physical and mental health.

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    Current and past smoking related research projects:

    R01 HL117345 (Ciccolo, PI)

    Efficacy of Resistance Training as an Aid to Standard Smoking Cessation Treatment 

    The primary goal of this grant is to test the efficacy of resistance training as an aid to smoking cessation. Secondary outcomes will include an examination of (a) the potential physiological and psychological mechanisms of action supporting a relationship between resistance training and smoking cessation; (b) effects of resistance training on biological markers of disease risk, physical fitness and exercise behavior; and (c) the association between each of these variables and smoking outcomes.

    Role: Principal Investigator


    NMSS (Ciccolo, PI)
    12/01/10-11/30/12 NCE 

    Resistance Training to Enhance Smoking Cessation in MS

    This pilot study seeks to determine the effect of a progressive resistance training program on smoking cessation in a sample of male and female smokers with MS.

    Role: Principal Investigator


    R03 CA132475 (Ciccolo, PI)
    NCI Resistance Training as an Aid to Standard Smoking Cessation Treatment

    This pilot study was the first randomized controlled trial to explore the effects of a progressive resistance training program on smoking cessation in a sample of smokers.

    Role: Principal Investigator


    R01 DA021729 (Marcus, PI)
    Using a YMCA Exercise Program to Enhance Nicotine Dependence Treatment for Women

    This grant was a Stage III study in which we conducted a randomized trial to test our previously efficacious physical activity and smoking cessation program for women in the community setting of the local YMCAs.

    Role: Co-Investigator


    Selected nicotine and tobacco related publications: 

    Williams, D.M., Whiteley, J.A., Jennings, E.G., Albrecht, A.E., Ussher, M., Dunsiger, S., Ciccolo, J.T., Parisi, A., Marcus, B.H. (2010). Moderate intensity exercise as an adjunct to standard smoking cessation treatment for women: A pilot study. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 24, 349-354.

    Williams, D.M., Dunsiger, S., Whiteley, J.A., Ussher, M.H., Ciccolo, J.T. & Jennings, E.G. (2011). Acute effects of moderate intensity exercise on core affect and cigarette cravings. Addictive Behaviors, 36, 894-897.

    Ciccolo, J.T.,Dunsiger, S.I., Williams, D.M., Bartholomew, J.B., , E.G., Ussher, M., Kraemer, W.J., Marcus, B.H. (2011). Resistance training as an aid to standard smoking cessation treatment: A pilot study. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 13, 756-760.

    Ciccolo, J.T., Lo., A., Jennings, E.G., & Motl, R.W. (in press) Rationale and design of a clinical trial investigating resistance training as an aid to smoking cessation in persons with multiple sclerosis. Contemporary Clinical Trials

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    Ciccolo, J.T., Jennings, E.G., & Busch, A.J. (in press). Behavioral Approaches to Smoking Cessation. In: J.M. Rippe (Ed). Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine and Health. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.