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  • Kids and Allergies

  • Children are more susceptible to airborne particles, such as pollens and dust, than adults. Kids have smaller airways and breathe faster than adults, allowing them to process air more rapidly. Kids are also more prone to allergies that aren't as common in adults, such as food allergies

    Repeated exposure to allergens and airborne chemicals can cause a child's lungs to develop more slowly than normal and can sometimes limit lung growth, making the child prone to chronic lung diseases throughout life.

    Breathing easier: 

    • Cut down on allergens by airing out your house at least once a week on a clear, breezy day.
    • Take steps to combat household dust mites, which are some of the biggest culprits in childhood allergies. Wash stuffed animals and your child's bedding frequently in hot water. More about dust allergies
    • Use products that produce vapors, such as aerosol hair sprays, nail polish remover and airplane glue, sparingly and in well-ventilated areas. Kids are more sensitive to the chemicals in these products than adults are.

    For children with asthma, allergies can make life even more miserable. Consult your physician or the Allergy and Asthma Center at Hasbro Children's Hospital for more information about helping your child live with allergies, asthma or both.