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  • Lightning Safety Tips

  • Each year, more Americans die from lightning than from any other natural phenomena. Here's how you can reduce your risk:

    • During a thunder and lightning storm, stay indoors if possible, or seek shelter in a car that is not a convertible.
    • Don't touch anything that is predominantly metal, including golf clubs or umbrellas.
    • If you must be outdoors, crouch and curl up on the ground. Don't stand under a tree or another tall object, or stand with your feet apart-if you are struck, it can make the injury worse.
    • If you are traveling in a group, maintain a distance between group members and avoid coming in physical contact with each other during the storm.

    If someone you are with is struck by lightning:

    1. Call 911 immediately.
    2. Do not move the person if it is not absolutely necessary.
    3. Do not attempt to treat any burns before help arrives.
    4. Perform CPR if you have been trained in how to do it, even if the person appears dead.

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