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  • Living with allergies: Offing Dust

  • Here are some ways to combat dust mites:

    • Dust each room with a damp cloth weekly. Wear gloves and an air-filtering mask while cleaning and wash your hands thoroughly afterward.
    • Clean washable items, including clothing, with hot water.
    • Encase bedding and pillows in dust resistant materials, such as plastic or rubber.
    • Remove carpets and replace them with washable throw rugs.
    • Choose shades instead of Venetian blinds.
    • Keep your wicker and dried flowers to a minimum.
    • Cut down on the amount of stuffed animals and knick-knacks in your house.
    • Clean upholstery and carpeting with hot steam if possible.

    In general, heat and hot water are lethal to dust mites. Something as simple as exposing an object to direct sunlight or heating it in a clothes dryer can be effective in reducing the amount of mites in your home.

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