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  • About Lymphedema

  • Lymphedema is the collection of protein-rich fluid, which causes swelling of the extremities, trunk, face or abdomen. Lymphedema most commonly occurs after a patient has breast cancer surgery, but also occurs after radiation, chemotherapy, pelvic surgery and lymph node dissection. Lymphedema can be managed with complete decongestive therapy, which includes specialized massage, compression wrapping and patient education.

    Symptoms of lymphedema include:

    • Swelling of extremities, trunk, face or abdomen
    • Loss of function of affected area
    • Skin of affected area has pink or red hue
    • Loss of mobility of affected area
    • Pain in affected area
    • Infection in affected area
    • "Stuffed sausage" feeling (feeling extremely swollen)
    • Feeling of heaviness in affected limb

    Treating lymphedema

    "Lymphedema: How Physical therapy Can Help"
    (American Physical Therapy Association, PDF)