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  • Therapeutic Management of Lymphedema

  • The Comprehensive Cancer Center
    at Rhode Island, The Miriam and Newport Hospitals

    Therapeutic Management of Lymphedema

    Treatment for lymphedema can include:

    Manual lymph drainage is a specialized massage technique used to promote lymph flow and reduce the swelling in the area being treated.

    Patient education provides instruction in skin care, self-bandaging and self-massage to allow the patient to manage his or her lymphedema for lasting results.

    Compression bandaging applies pressure to the extremity to reduce swelling. Special low stretch bandages help to decrease edema in the limb to prepare for a compression garment, which maintains the decreased edema.

    Therapeutic exercise helps reduce fluid by assisting the lymphatic system and optimizing muscle capability to pump fluid.

    Compression garments are elasticized sleeves that are measured to fit the affected extremity and are used to prevent the re-accumulation of fluid and to maintain the size of the limb.

    Preventing lymphedema from recurring

    "Lymphedema: How Physical Therapy Can Help"
    (PDF, American Physical Therapy Association)



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