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  • Arthroscopic Surgery

  • Surgical optionsArthroscopy has revolutionized the science of orthopedic surgery with the help of fiber optics. By inserting a tiny television camera into almost any joint in the human body, your surgeon can see, diagnose and treat a wide variety of problems.

    Arthroscopic surgery has proved to be remarkably safe and effective and has replaced "open"surgery in a number of procedures. Patients experience little or no pain, and recovery time is far quicker. Thanks to arthroscopy and other sophisticated medical technologies, twice as many Miriam Hospital orthopedic patients will go home on the day of their surgery as will be admitted overnight.

    If you and your physician have decided that surgical intervention is the most appropriate treatment for your orthopedic problem, The Miriam Hospital is prepared to make your stay a comfortable and healing one.

    Magnet award symbolYou will be cared for in a warm and friendly atmosphere, in a facility known for its pleasant rooms and good food and, more importantly, for its highly skilled nursing staff, the first in Rhode Island to receive the coveted Magnet Award for Nursing Excellence.