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  • Other Benefits of Computer Assisted Surgery

  • In addition to being minimally invasive, computer assisted surgery offers numerous other advantages when used for total joint replacement:

    computer equipment


    • Reduced risk of fat emboli. Conventional instrumentation used for total knee replacement can increase the risk of fat particles entering the blood stream, which can lead to pulmonary and cognitive complications post-op. CAS replaces the instruments that introduce this risk.
    • Reductions in blood loss. Whether by helping facilitate shorter incisions or eliminating the need for invasive instruments, CAS can help reduce the amount of blood lost during a surgery.
    • Improved leg length control during total hip replacement. Restoring the operated leg to an appropriate length after total hip replacement is an important objective for many surgeons and CAS can provide additional control to help.
    • Fewer outliers in implant positioning. Improper positioning (misalignment) is a leading contributor to premature implant wear and failure. Even under traditional, non-MIS incisions, CAS can offer intra-operative data to significantly reduce the risk of improper implant positioning. With traditional procedures, the risk of misalignment can be as high as 26%; with CAS this risk has been shown to drop to only 6%.