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  • New Attitudes about Discipline Are Based on Relationships

  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide:
    Effective Discipline

    New Attitudes about Discipline 
    Are Based on Relationships

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    If you aren't getting through to your children for some reason, you may be able to benefit from professional help. Experts in child development can teach you new techniques.

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    For a long time discipline was thought of as punishment--a way to eliminate unwanted behavior. Today, most professionals agree that discipline should reinforce positive, desirable behavior.

    The basis for the new attitude is a better understanding of the stages of child development. For example, while toddlers may understand the word "no," they may be unable to inhibit their behavior without an adult reminder present—that's a normal part of toddlerhood.

    Equally important to developing effective discipline strategies is knowing that children want to please their parents. Nothing makes them happier than parental acknowledgment and love. Each time you compliment your child, you help to build a strong positive relationship.

    On the other hand, shouting, threatening, spanking and punishment may instill fear and dislike and undermine the strong positive relationship. Because children seek approval from those they care about, the foundation you want to build is of love and caring, not fear and dislike.

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