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  • Nursing Initiatives to Promote Patient Safety

  • Nursing Staff at Lifespan's Hospitals: At the Forefront of Patient Safety

    The nursing staff at Rhode Island Hospital has the education, experience and skills needed to help each patient navigate toward healing and health. Working in concert with the hospital's administrative and medical personnel, nurses are at the forefront of patient safety.

    Several safety initiatives have been instituted by the nursing staff to help ensure that every patient receives the best care. These include:

    • Medication Safety: In place in all patient units, this "closed-loop" medication system is designed to enhance patient safety. A collaboration between pharmacy, nursing and medical staff, this initiative helps to reduce the human opportunity for error. It helps to ensure that the right patient receives the correct dosage of prescribed medication at the right time. More about medication safety
    • Universal Surgical Protocol:
      This program helps ensure that patients are safeguarded against wrong-site and wrong-side surgeries. Nurses and surgeons adhere to a strict use of checklists before, during and after surgeries. The universal surgical protocol helps to establish uniformity so that health care practitioners follow the same routine for all surgical procedures.
      More about doctor/patient safety in OR
    • Safety Walk Rounds:  Nurses and other medical personnel walk through the hospital in order to maintain quality control, identify problems and recommend solutions.
    • Patient Safety Committees: Hospitals have Patient Safety Committees to discuss level of care and other hospital services with patients and their families.
    • Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Multi-disciplinary teams work with patients to help prevent pressure ulcers, also referred to as bedsores or pressure sores. Patients are examined each day by nurses and the medical staff to help prevent this condition from occurring.
    • Falls Prevention Program: The nursing and medical teams work with patients to improve their mobility, to help patients with their strength and flexibility, and to help reduce the risk of falls.