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  • Nutrition Services

  • If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you want to be aware of every option that can aid your recovery. Cancer treatment is a comprehensive practice and the expertise of a registered dietitian can be an important part of your overall care. Proper nutrition has been proven to be a significant factor in successful cancer treatment.

    At the Comprehensive Cancer Center, registered dietitians can help you identify and meet your nutritional needs during treatment and after treatment, so that you receive the best and most complete care.

    All registered dietitians are health care professionals who have an extensive background in food, nutrition, biochemistry and physiology. Patients at the Comprehensive Cancer Center can be assured that the registered dietitians who work with them have a particular expertise in nutrition for people undergoing cancer treatment. In fact, the dietitians at the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Rhode Island Hospital are the first in Rhode Island to become board certified in oncology nutrition.