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  • Dining out the guilt-free way: Italian Restaurants

  • Italian foods often bring to mind rich dishes made with plenty of butter, cheese and cream. 


    Marinated calamari, mushrooms, and tender artichoke hearts are a few of the delicious appetizers offered, along with classic soups like minestrone, and pasta e fagioli (pasta and bean). 

    Main Dishes

    Think about pasta, with marinara, red or white clam, or a tomato based sauce, or perhaps a primavera dish, which include seasonal fresh vegetables as a main course.

    Trendy eateries are now serving wood grilled pizzas, often topped with vegetables and low-fat cheese, making pizza one of the best bets in an Italian restaurant. 

    Stay away from menu items labeled Alfredo, saltimbocca with prosciutto, parmigiana, or sauces made with cream. They imply high fat from dairy products and high sodium content.

    Lasagna, cannelloni, ravioli, and manicotti dishes probably aren't your best choices.


    Or try eating in. May we suggest...