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  • Great Grilling: Your Personal Pizza Oven

    Get helpful and healthy grilled pizza hints from Mary Flynn, PhD, a research dietician at The Miriam Hospital.

     Grilling pizza is a wonderful way to get a lot of flavor without adding a lot of fat. Stick to these tips to create a delicious pie that packs a healthy punch.

    • You need to use a grill that can get to at least 400 degrees.
    • Have all the ingredients at room temperature or warm. (You can microwave ingredients.)
    • All ingredients should be in small pieces and ready when grill is hot. Shredded cheese works better than slices or chunks.
    • Do not overload the dough. It will either not cook through or burn.
    • Figure on about 4 to 5 oz of dough per person (depending on what else you are serving). So a pound of dough would serve 3 to 4 people.
    • It is easier to cook smaller amounts of dough. If you are working with fresh dough, cut the pound in at least half or, better yet, 4 equal pieces (4 oz of dough each).
    • If you are using fresh dough, make sure it has risen. Leave it out of the refrigerator in a warm area until it rises. If it is in a plastic bag, loosen the tie so there is room for it to rise. Or take it out of the bag, place in a slightly oiled bowl (so it wouldn't stick), cover with a dishcloth and let it rise in a warm area.

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