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  • When Will I Play Again?

  • The most frequently asked question is perhaps "when will I be ready to play again?" After hours of riding the stationary bike in physical therapy you will be anxious to get back to playing sports. Remember that the bone and ligament takes time to gain full strength.

    One can begin running at about three to four months after the surgery and go back to full athletic participation at about six months. This is highly dependent on age, degree of associated injuries, and commitment to rehabilitation.

    The majority of athletes are able to return to their former level of competition. Some athletes prefer to use a brace on their return to play. Research has shown that braces do not "protect the knee," alter the rate of knee injury, or "hold the knee together" at the high levels of stress that can injure ligaments. Once healed, the reconstructed ligament should provide full stability. Therefore the braces, if used, are discarded.