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  • Surgery

  • Surgical repair of a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) involves the removal of the damaged ligament and replacement with a tendon, typically the middle one third of the patella tendon or hamstring tendons. The surgery is commonly done under a mild general anesthesia. Nerve blocks are utilized to eliminate pain early on after surgery. 

    • Arthroscopically, your surgeon will first examine the inside of your knee to assess the degree of damage to the ligaments, menisci and surface lining. ACL tears are often associated with injuries to the meniscus (cartilage).
    • A small incision will be made in the front of your knee and the middle portion of the patella tendon will be removed, along with a small piece of bone on either end, or the hamstring tendons will be removed. 
    • Using arthroscopic techniques, the damaged ligament will be removed and the femoral notch that the ligament passes through will be enlarged. 
    • Small holes will be drilled in your femur and tibia as attachment sites for the new ligament. 
    • The tendon will be secured into the bone with tiny screws. 

    The complete procedure takes approximately 1&1/2 hours. You will wake up with your knee in a brace. Patients go home comfortably the same day of the surgery. You will be taught to use crutches, given prescriptions for pain medication when the nerve blocks wear off, and given a postoperative booklet for instructions.