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  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide: Life's Difficult Changes

  • Symptoms of Transitional Difficulty

  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide:
    Life's Difficult Changes 

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    If you are concerned or worried, call a mental health professional for an assessment. Bradley Hospital is especially well qualified, with experts in children's mental and emotional health.


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    As Parents Struggle, So Do Children

    Adults face economic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical stressors.

    Divorce is one example of a common contemporary stress. It is often a long process; there can be months or even years of anguish before and after the actual decree. Often the actual divorce is not the problem; it is the disruption of routine and relationships that cause stress.

    While adults suffer from loneliness, guilt or anger, they might not have the energy or resources to respond to their child's needs. It is usually during this time, though, that their child needs them most.

    Symptoms of Transitional Difficulty

    In Parents:

    • Abusing alcohol or other drugs
    • Sleeping disturbances
    • Abusive behavior
    • Rigid behavior; using old ways to solve problems, even when they don't work
    • Becoming accident-prone
    • Overeating
    • Withdrawing from others

    In Children:

    • Nightmares
    • Regressive behavior
    • Talk of worthlessness
    • Hyperactivity directed at adults
    • Indiscriminate attachments
    • Increases in fears and worries
    • Irritability
    • Erratic shifts in mood

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