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  • Why Is Leisure Important?

  • Why Leisure is Important

    Leisure provides many benefits:

    • An opportunity to examine personal values, to focus on what is important to you. It gives you the balance you need to deal with your non-leisure activities.
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    • Relief from stress and boredom. It can help promote not only better emotional health but physical health as well.
    • A feeling of control. Job or school demands might not give us that freedom.
    • Enhanced communication skills and self-esteem. Shy or introverted people can benefit from group activities that are based on shared interests.
    • Wider horizons. You can meet new people, learn new things and gain valuable perspective.
    • A positive teaching model for children, who often learn better by example than by words alone.

    Your own behavior in group or family activities helps teach your children about:

    • Communication with others
    • Relationships with all kinds of people
    • Socially acceptable behavior
    • Negotiation and cooperation
    • Feelings and emotions
    • Listening
    • Playing
    • Reading habits
    • Your values