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  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide: Life's Difficult Changes

  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide:
    Life's Difficult Changes

    Growing Up Brings
    Many Changes

    As children grow, they face many changes. Some are normal biological or physical changes in development, such as the "terrible twos," losing a tooth, fear of the dark, menstruation and puberty.

    Other changes are imposed on children: the death of a friend or relative, moving to a new home or school, enduring a physical illness or injury, and divorce. Children need a consistent, nurturing and caring environment to successfully negotiate these changes and challenges.

    If You Are At a Loss,
    Ask for Help

    If the normal pressures and difficulties of life get out of hand and you run out of ways to deal with them, you can get help from a professional.

    The experts at Bradley are devoted to healing the hearts and minds of children and their families. Sometimes just a little help can prevent short-term problems from becoming more serious ones.

    Call us anytime: 401-432-1364.


    The normal developmental stages


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