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  • Peak Performance Program

  • The Peak Performance Program is a tiered, multi-week program to help athletes of all ages achieve peak athletic performance and health. The program is invaluable to patients who are transferring from traditional physical therapy and need an additional period of supervised training or instruction prior to returning to competitive or recreational sports activities. The program begins with a comprehensive functional evaluation, including motion analysis, if necessary. After identifying the athlete's unique needs, we utilize advanced training methods including:

    • Integrated Neuromuscular Training - designed to enhance balance, coordination, body control, body awareness, functional strength and efficient multidirectional kinetic chain movement and stabilization.
    • Explosive Power Training - develops the athlete's ability to perform quick, explosive movements in vertical and linear planes. Special emphasis is placed on the mechanics of movement as well as strength and stabilization factors.
    • Functional Agility and Speed Training Program (FAST) - designed to enhance the athlete's ability to react and change direction quickly, efficiently and safely. Special focus is placed on footwork, acceleration, deceleration and multi-planer movement. Agility training can be combined with speed training, which establishes proper running technique, energy transfer and conditioning to maximize performance variables related to speed.