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  • In recognition of the ongoing efforts by Lifespan employees and physicians to mitigate loss and enhance patient safety, the Lifespan Malpractice Program and Lifespan Risk Services are pleased to announce the continuation of our Loss Prevention Grant Award Program.

    The Loss Prevention Grant Award Program

    This grant program was created to provide support for investigators to implement projects intended to mitigate areas of known or potential risks and/or to create and enhance systems to improve patient safety. The grant request under this program must be related to professional liability (malpractice), general liability issues, or patient safety efforts and there must be an identified loss prevention benefit resulting from the proposal.

    Loss Prevention Grant Award projects may be multi-year, but the total request must not exceed $200,000.

    Preliminary proposals are to be submitted electronically no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, February 14, 2014. Applications and guidelines for submission are available by following the link below:

    Getting Started: Program Announcement and Online Preliminary Application

    For more information, please contact the risk management grant program director, Suzanne Duni, by email at  If you are unable to access the website form, please contact Valerie Till at 444-4595 or email for further assistance.


    • Grant Program Director:
      Suzanne Duni, Manager, Loss Prevention Program
    • Financial Administrator:
      Rick Almeida, Director, Insurance and Business Operations
    • Process Assistant:
      Valerie Till, Executive Assistant

    Lifespan owns its own insurance company (R.I. Sound Enterprises Insurance Co., Ltd.) and provides professional liability coverage for all employees and some eligible affiliated physicians.

    The Lifespan Corporate Risk Management Department coordinates system-wide identification and management of actual or potential liability events. We are committed to providing opportunities for collaborative efforts to reduce liability exposures and improve patient care. To further this goal we developed the Loss Prevention Grant Award Program to provide a resource to stimulate innovative loss prevention projects that can be shared system-wide.

    The Lifespan Loss Prevention Grant Award Program provides a source of funding for projects relating to the following:

    • Professional liability (malpractice): Liability incurred as a result of errors in performing professional services.
    • General liability: Liability related to premises, operations and products.
    • Patient Safety efforts: Liability related to processes and/or systems that impact the way we care for our patients.

    These funds are not intended to cover ongoing operational expenses, capital purchases, staff release time or to fund permanent positions.