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  • Prevention and Early Intervention Are Best for Your Children

  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide:
    Alcohol and Drug Abuse

    Prevention and Early Intervention
    Are Best for Your Children

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    If you are concerned or worried, call a mental health professional for an assessment. Bradley Hospital is especially well qualified, with experts in children's mental and emotional health.

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    Experts give parents this advice:

    • Set a good example at home, starting early.
    • Try to build self-esteem in your children by encouraging expression of feelings and open communication, and by unconditional love.
    • Set firm but kind limits.
    • Be consistent with communication and discipline.
    • Encourage independent thinking.
    • Support and encourage involvement in outside activities and interests.
    • Make it your business to be aware of the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

    Problems will sometimes arise no matter what a parent does. But you can cope:

    • Even if you start after the fact, make rules-and the consequences of breaking them-clear.
    • Follow through on threats of disciplinary action.
    • Be firm but kind; this is terrible for your child, too, but you are working to keep him safe.
    • Inquire about and monitor behavior.
    • Seek professional help.
    • Don't cover for a child who breaks the law.

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