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  • Loss Prevention Grant Award Program


    The goal of the Loss Prevention Grant Award Program is to provide support for investigators to implement projects intended to mitigate areas of known or potential risks and/or to create and enhance systems to improve patient safety.  Grants are multi-year and limited to a maximum award of $200,000. High priority will be given to proposals that are multi-disciplinary, self-sustaining and have a direct relationship to decreasing professional liability.


    Investigators - Primary and co-investigators are expected to draft a preliminary proposal for submission and initial review.  If invited, the investigator will then submit a formal grant proposal that fulfills the requirements set forth in the FORMAT section below.  New investigators may obtain an experienced researcher to mentor them through the grant writing and submission process.

    Mentors - Experienced researchers are permitted to mentor a new investigator through the preliminary and formal grant proposal submission process, but are not required, nor encouraged to implement the grant project unless made a formal member of the project team after grant funding takes place.  Mentors are also encouraged to write a letter in support of the new investigator if appropriate.


    Preliminary proposals must be submitted electronically.

    Click here to submit a preliminary proposal online.

    Proposals must include:

    • Applicant(s) Name
    • Applicant(s) Email address
    • Applicant(s) Department
    • Applicant(s) Phone number
    • Applicant(s) Education/experience related to project plan
    • Name/Background of other investigators/participants on project team
    • Project Plan
      • Project description - Include introduction/definition of the problem and a brief narrative description of the project and how it relates to the purpose.
      • Project evaluation design - State your objectives, how you will measure your progress and define the tools, forms and methods that you will use.
      • Project goals
      • Plan for dissemination of results
      • Plan for sustainability
    • Budget (provide as much detail as possible) - request not to exceed $200,000
      • Must include fringe benefits for contracted employees
      • Indirect costs are not required to be included in internally funded budgets
    • Additional information
    • Literature cited
    • Letter of support from Chief indicating knowledge and merit of the project
    • Other letters of support (optional)

    Proposal Review Process and Timeline

    Preliminary proposals will be reviewed using a two-tiered system.  Preliminary proposals are to be submitted electronically via the Risk Management Grant Website no later than Friday, February 14, 2014.  Investigators invited to submit formal proposals will be required to make their submissions by Friday, March 28, 2014.  Investigators will be notified of grant awards by Friday, April 18, 2014.

    Submit a preliminary proposal online now.