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  • Projects of Possibility

  • Projects of Possibility

    In this innovative program developed by Beth Scanlon Melfi, patients, families and staff are brought together for collaborative healing arts workshops. At Hasbro Children's Hospital, whether the project is hand painting a grandfather clock, chair, mirror or treasure box, Projects of Possibility transforms everyday objects into fantastic painted and sculptural forms.

    The participants are introduced to unique creative experiences in hopes of revealing their artistic potential. The finished works of art are auctioned at the annual Hasbro Children's Hospital Gala with proceeds benefiting the healing arts at Lifespan and the local community in which the artists live.

    The possibilities are endless.


    At The Miriam Hospital, patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment engage in quiet personal expression while creating a lasting art piece for the hospital. Cancer patients paint a piece of a puzzle in response to the prompt: "Each piece of the puzzle brings us one step closer to..." Patients are invited to decide their own answer and incorporate it into the puzzle piece design. All the puzzle pieces are then arranged and presented as a permanent art installation in the hospital.

    Projects of Possibility offers a collaborative healing arts experience by tapping into the healing power of each participant's own creativity. This therapeutic arts program is designed to calm the mind and body and enlighten the spirit. Patients of all age levels and abilities can enjoy this program.