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  • The Illusion of Prom Perfection

    Parents should encourage hobbies and other skills, and downplay the importance of appearanc. To alleviate the pressure of finding a prom date, she suggests that parents should convey to teens that it can be just as much fun (if not more fun) to attend the prom with a group of friends.

    prom nightParents should continually give girls positive feedback on aspects of themselves unrelated to appearance and dress size. However, if daughters begin to obsess about dress size, or needing to look 'perfect' for the prom, it may help to remind them that the images in teen magazines are not real, and tricks such as airbrushing are marketing techniques used to sell dresses and cosmetics.

    It is also a good suggestion to try challenging the rigid, "all-or-none thinking" behind the idea that every detail of the prom must be perfect. Ask teens what their happiest memories in life have been so far. Most likely it was during spontaneous events that weren't planned in minute detail.

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