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  • Quality Care: Innovative, Quality Care for All Women

  • As part of the Lifespan health system, Rhode Island Hospital has helped to spearhead the founding of the Women's Health Council of Rhode Island, a coalition of providers, payers, policy makers and community members from all corners of Rhode Island who have come together with a singular mission: to broaden the standards of women's health to include a whole system approach of comprehensive, integrated care.

    Rhode Island Hospital provides personal, quality care for all women, their children and families. The areas of focus include: total wellness/clinical care, women's cancer care, nutrition, osteoporosis, menopause, and obstetrics/gynecological care.

    By working collaboratively with the Women's Health Council of Rhode Island, Rhode Island Hospital further pledges to provide research, education, and policy/advocacy, and to make these and other health care services accessible for all women.

    Some initiatives include:

    • Sponsoring an annual conference: The inaugural quality conference, held in October 2010, has set into motion an agenda for integrating research, education and clinical care across a broad spectrum of providers in the months to come.
    •  Recognizing the risk markers of intimate partner violence: Setting a goal of achieving better quality for social and physical health, the coalition is outlining an updated approach for providers dealing with women who experience intimate partner violence by recognizing the long-term physical, mental and social health consequences by providing referrals, and helping them create a management plan.  
    • Better questions for physical health: The Women's Health Council is creating a roadmap from a common event like pregnancy and using it as a window into achieving long-term, multi-cultural health care status well beyond the traditional gynecological approach by giving providers information to screen, diagnose and create a plan for each patient based on their response to pregnancy.
    • Communication:A website has been created to update patients, families and women's care advocates to the mission and goal of the Women's Health Council, and to provide a forum for future discussions and announcements. Participation is welcomed and encouraged.
    • Report Card: The Women's Health Council of RI continues to track metrics and report card data as well as advocate for research, analysis and policy improvements for women's health. This information will be posted on the Council's website.

    Commitment to Quality Care

    Rhode Island Hospital is committed to providing all patients with quality care and, by working in concert with the Women's Health Council, to serve as advocates for women and their families.