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  • Quality Care: Nursing

  • At Rhode Island Hospital, patients receive quality health care by our support, nursing and medical staffs working collaboratively to pursue and to maintain rigorous standards of excellence.

    Staff members are evaluated internally and undergo additional scrutiny by national organizations such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), who reward nursing excellence through their Magnet Recognition Program.

    Recognizing Trends, Analyzing Data, Preventing Falls

    Representative nursing officers from Rhode Island Hospital and all of Lifespan's hospitals meet regularly to identify trends. By evaluating the data each hospital keeps, they have been able to determine why and when falls occur at the hospitals and to recommend measures to prevent these falls from recurring.

    By pooling data and resources, the nurses shared best practices for fall preventions at Lifespan's hospitals. These best practices include staff training, patient education, and the installation of new equipment at Rhode Island Hospital and throughout the Lifespan system.

    Nursing staff undergo special training to identify risks for falls. Patients are briefed about the benefits of increasing their mobility while staying at the hospital, so as to strengthen their leg muscles when not bedridden. Interdisciplinary teams have also been briefed and have been made aware of the how they can contribute to preventing patient falls.

    Rhode Island Hospital has also installed low height beds that increase patient safety and patient comfort while preventing falls from hospital beds.