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  • Quality Care: Patient Satisfaction

  • At Rhode Island Hospital, ensuring that patients remain safe at all times and are totally satisfied with the professional medical services we provide remains our highest priority.

    We achieve this through patient-centric programs that help to ensure that our staff maintains the highest standards of safe care for our patients, and by participating in evaluations by state and national organizations that rank us among participating hospitals.

    Assessing, Treating and Reducing Pain

    Treating and reducing patients' pain is an ongoing goal for doctors and nurses. Care teams focus on assessing and treating pain using the national standards of the American Pain Society. The patients' self report of pain is the foundation for treatment and the patient is encouraged to be an active participant in planning their care. 

    We recognize that patient comfort impacts all aspects of their experience so that, during their stay at our hospital, they are able to eat, sleep and remain as active as possible while participating in their care. Patients are assessed at admission for the history of pain and any current medications or therapies used to promote comfort. This assessment enables the care teams to provide individualized treatment that continues throughout the hospital admission using pain rating scales appropriate to each patient.

    Pain resource nurses are part of the staff on all units and are available to all patients for extra evaluation and consultation. Patients are asked to give us feedback about their pain management experience on the satisfaction survey and we use that constantly improve our treatment of pain. 

    Influenza and Infection Control

    • Stopping the spread of influenza: The State of Rhode Island Department of Health conducts an annual health care quality performance program that ranks all hospitals on the effectiveness of their employee influenza vaccination programs. Vaccinating health care workers at Rhode Island Hospital is a voluntary program that can effectively prevent influenza, or flu, from being passed on to hospital patients. Rhode Island Hospital consistently ranks high among all hospitals by the State of Rhode Island Department of Health in its assessment of hospital staff vaccinations each year.
    • Infection control: Patients can be assured that the staff at Rhode Island Hospital works to remain a safe and vital work force and are active participants in the prevention of infection. For additional information about our infection control programs, please visit this link:

    National Recognition for Patient Satisfaction

    Rhode Island Hospital is part of the University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC), an alliance of 110 academic medical centers and affiliated hospitals. Rhode Island Hospital ranks high among all our peer medical centers by UHC.

    Quality Care

    The goal of Rhode Island Hospital is to provide all patients with quality care and to enlist them in the process of care so they remain satisfied with our professional medical services throughout their hospital experience.