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  • Quit Smoking Studies and Programs

  • Fewer than 5% of smokers who try to quit by themselves are successful, but there are several smoking cessation programs and studies available within Lifespan hospitals to give smokers the support they need.

    The Miriam Hospital:

    • The PAQS Project seeks smokers who are parents, grandparents, other relatives, etc. who spend a significant amount of time with the child for a program that may help children with asthma to breathe better or improve the overall well-being of healthy children as well as improve the caregiver's long-term health. For more information, call 1-866-401-PAQS (7277) or 401-793-8226.

    • Commit to Quit: Commit to Quit is a 12-week quit smoking program designed by women specifically for women. The study is held at participating YMCAs in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. Women who take part in the program learn how to prepare to quit and how to handle nicotine withdrawal, develop skills needed to quit, and are given the tools to help them stay smoke-free. If you are interested, call 401-793-8210 or email

    • Chronic Pain and Smoking (CPAS) Project: If you are a smoker, we would like to learn more about your smoking habits and your health. The CPAS Project seeks smokers with and without chronic pain to participate in a one appointment questionnaire study. For more information, please call Kristin at 401-793-8130

    • Smoking Cessation Program:We teach techniques for managing depression, anxiety and  sadness, as well as behavior management strategies to deal with the "triggers" that lead to smoking. Most people complete our program in 6 to 10 sessions. Call 401-793-8770 for details.