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  • Recreation On a Budget

  • Family fitness doesn't have to break the bank. Dust off that Frisbee or bicycle, convert a piece of unused clothesline into a jump rope or tug-of-war rope, or play catch with any kind of ball. Find gently used sports equipment at a second-hand sporting goods store, thrift shop or summer garage sale.

    tug of war

    Also, don't forget that summer is when parks and recreation areas organize lots of free summertime activities for kids; check the newspaper or websites for information.

    Visit your local YMCA or similar organization to find reasonably priced group programs that help develop children's social skills while they boost their fitness levels.

    Summer is Only the Start

    Above all, convey to your child that fitness is fun! Praise, reward and encourage physical activity, and never use exercise as a punishment. Active children are happier, healthier and less prone to many diseases and illnesses. Instill active habits in your children this summer and you will help them build a foundation for year-round-and lifelong-wellness.

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