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  • At Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center our goal is patient satisfaction. Last fiscal year (from October 2012- September 2013) our overall hospital rating score placed us in the top 3% for patient satisfaction when compared to other facilities across the United States. During that timeframe, we cared for 163 patients: 53% male, 47% female. The average age of a patient at Vanderbilt in that time was 63 years old. Use the links below to view patient satisfaction scores and other outcome statistics and learn more about the our program and the patients at our center.

    Patient Goal Achievement

    Each patient will be very involved with their treatment team at Vanderbilt Rehab to set and achieve goals throughout their stay. Constant attention to goals will help to show each patient’s progress and will help move them continually toward the ultimate goal of a safe return into the community and a fulfilling quality of life.

    From October 1, 2013 through the end of April 2014, the Vanderbilt treatment team has worked closely with each patient and support system to set over 1,386 long term goals for patients to achieve before they leave us.Together, we met 76.4% of those goals.