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  • Annual Research Celebration

  • Every year Rhode Island Hospital hosts an annual Research Celebration. Since 1993, our celebration has grown to a full day event featuring as many as 164 posters from all of the Brown University-affiliated teaching hospitals.

    The celebration's highlights include two keynote addresses by outstanding scientists from outside and within our local scientific community, presentation of the Bruce Selya Award for Research Excellence, and presentation of the New Investigator Award.


    OCTOBER 20, 2016

    George Auditorium at Rhode Island Hospital: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

    Afternoon Poster Session at the Gerry House

    Camera Ready Abstract Guidelines and Application

    Abstract due date: 9 October 2016

  • C. Ronald Kahn, MD Keynote Speaker:

    C. Ronald Kahn, MD is the chief academic officer at the Joslin Diabetes Center, Mary K. Iacocca Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, head of the integrative physiology and metabolism section at Joslin, former President of Joslin, and Harvard Medical School faculty and director of research at Joslin.

    Dr. Kahn is a renowned investigator of insulin signal transduction and the mechanisms of altered signaling in disease. Kahn’s seminal work includes discovery of the insulin receptor tyrosine kinase, its two primary substrates and the molecular components of the insulin-signaling network. He was the first to define alterations in the signaling network in type 2 diabetes, and his work includes demonstration of insulin’s actions in unexpected tissues such as brain, both in physiologic regulation and potentially in development of Alzheimer’s Disease. His recent work demonstrates that adult humans have active brown fat that is pivotal in the metabolic regulation and protection from obesity.

    In addition, his current efforts focus on deciphering the role of neuroendocrine interactions in regulating the body’s major metabolic functions. Kahn has published over 600 original articles and 200 reviews, book chapters or editorials, authored 7 issued patents, and is among the most highly cited scientists in the field. As president of Joslin from 2000 to 2007, Kahn lead the institution through a period of unprecedented growth to a 20-fold increase in research and tripling of clinical and educational activities. In his current role as chief academic officer at Joslin, Kahn oversees faculty recruitment, appointments, and promotions at the center, which trains about 150 doctors and doctoral fellows a year.

    Kahn has been the recipient of 27 major awards over the course of his career, including the Harold Hamm International Prize in November 2015, for Biomedical Research in Diabetes. This award is regarded as the Nobel Prize for diabetes research.

    Ghada Bourjeily MD Bruce Selya Award Speaker:

    Ghada Bourjeily, MD is the recipient of the 2015 Bruce Selya Award. Dr. Bourjeily trained in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Case Western University and Yale University. She has been a faculty member at Brown University since 2005 and is currently associate professor of medicine. Bourjeily’s research has focused on sleep disordered breathing and its impact on cardiovascular and metabolic outcomes in pregnancy, with her most recent work proposing the placenta as a new target organ in sleep disordered breathing. Bourjeily has authored numerous abstracts, articles and book chapters. She received many awards including two American College of Chest Physicians awards for clinical research in women’s health and the Young Investigator award from the North American Society of Obstetric Medicine. Her current work as principal investigator and co-investigator is funded by the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. She has edited a textbook on pulmonary disorders in pregnancy and was guest editor of a Clinics in Chest Medicine issue on lung disease and pregnancy. Bourjeily serves as a reviewer and editorial board member for numerous journals in her primary disciplines as well as for obstetric journals. She is currently Chair of the Women’s Health Network for Chest (the College of Chest Physicians) and Vice President of the North American Society of Obstetric Medicine.