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  • Childhood Asthma Research

  • Project ACE ( Asthma Controlled Effectively )

  • The main goal of Project ACE is to help African American and Latino families manage their children's asthma more effectively. Project ACE is a collaborative effort between the Bradley Hasbro Research Center at Rhode Island Hospital and the Providence Community Health Centers.

    Participating families will receive an enhanced asthma education program at no cost to them. One parent must be willing to take part in this study along with the child. Participation in this study involves six research sessions and three asthma education sessions. For each research session, families will be compensated for their time. All research sessions can, if you chose, take place in your home. We can also provide childcare and transportation upon request.

    Project ACE is funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research.

    For more information, please contact us online or call 401-793-8807 or 401-793-8652.