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  • Center for Cardiac Fitness

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    Center for Cardiac Fitness
    208 Collyer Street, 2nd floor
    Providence, RI, 02904
    Phone: 401-793-5810
    Fax: 401-793-5815

  • What to Expect

  • Before you know it, you'll be riding the bike with your eyes closed.
    Throughout the center, there is a desire to better understand and learn how to live with heart disease.

    Our twelve-week cardiac rehabilitation program begins with a complete review of your medical background, your current health status and physical limitations. To help us evaluate your current condition, we ask that you either provide the results of a recent stress test or undergo a stress test at the center.

    We ask you about your personal goals for attaining optimal health and cardiac fitness.

    Once the initial evaluation is complete, we prescribe a customized program to help you achieve your personal goals. Program sessions meet three days per week, typically run an hour and a half, and include both an exercise and an education component.

    • Cardiovascular exercises include stationary cycling, treadmill walking, stair climbing and rowing.
    • Weight training, nutrition education, relaxation therapy, and heart health education are also available.
    • Throughout the program we monitor your blood pressure, heart rhythm, glucose levels and body weight.

    At the end of the twelve weeks, we re-evaluate your condition. We make recommendations to help you maintain and further achieve positive outcomes by practicing heart healthy living. Finally, we report your progress and our recommendations to your personal physician.