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  • Center for Cardiac Fitness

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    Center for Cardiac Fitness
    208 Collyer Street, 2nd floor
    Providence, RI, 02904
    Phone: 401-793-5810
    Fax: 401-793-5815

  • Maintenance and Prevention Programs

  • Put the pedal to the metal.Our cardiac maintenance/prevention programs have a dual orientation:

    • To help cardiac rehab program graduates continue to practice and expand their heart healthy living; and
    • To teach heart healthy living practices to those who have not experienced a cardiac episode but who are at increased risk of heart disease.

    For both orientations, the programs begin with an assessment of your overall well-being and your goals for maintaining or improving your cardiac health. Then we prescribe a personalized program to help you achieve your goals.

    Programs typically include more rigorous and less structured exercise than your cardiac rehabilitation programs, but include heart rate monitoring and health education.

    Some unique aspects of our cardiac maintenance and prevention programs include:

    • stretching,
    • weight training and Thera-Band workshops,
    • cooking demonstrations,
    • food shopping excursions,
    • food festivals,
    • family nights and
    • risk reduction programs.