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    Center for Cardiac Fitness
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  • World Heart Games

  • medal winners
    The Miriam's medalists Bob Tulli, Bob Perry, Keith Beck and Ken Cohen

    In 2010, patients all over the country, including four from The Miriam's Center for Cardiac Fitness participated in the World Heart Games, sponsored by the American College of Sports Medicine. The games offer cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation patients the chance to participate in physical activity and enjoy a bit of friendly competition.

    Cardiac rehab centers traveled from all over to compete in these games, but little Rhode Island left a big impression, as The Miriam's patients brought back 10 medals, including 6 golds. These outstanding results speak to the care the patients received while at the center.

    "The camaraderie and competitive spirits demonstrated by each participant was really wonderful to witness," says Adam Mancini, cardiac physiologist at the Cardiac Fitness Center. "Their capacity to compete begins with the quality of care from their cardiologist. Events like these really proves to each cardiac patient that they can both physically and psychologically achieve what they once may have doubted."


    The Results

    Keith Beck, Robert Perry, Robert Tulli, Ken Cohen; Team Bocce
    Keith Beck; 1 Mile Run (7:57)
    Robert Tulli; 1 Mile Walk

    Robert Perry; Softball Throw
    Robert Perry; Bowling
    Ken Cohen; 1 Mile Walk

    Robert Perry; Half Mile Walk

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