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  • About Ultrasound Exams

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    Ultrasound is like radar that uses sound waves to look inside the body. It does not hurt and warm gel is used on the skin to help the transducer move more smoothly and make better contact.

    Is there any special preparation for an ultrasound?

    Most ultrasound studies do not need any preparation. There are a few exceptions:

    • If it is an ultrasound of the abdomen, the child cannot eat for approximately 4 hours before the study. 
    • If it is an ultrasound of the bladder or other pelvic structures, the child must drink a lot of fluid and not urinate for at least 30 minutes before the test. 

    When the test is scheduled, you will be told for how long the child cannot eat before the study or will be told how much to drink beforehand. The amount will depend on the child's age.

    Can my child eat after the ultrasound?


    Preparing for an ultrasound