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  • Patient and Family Centered Care

  • Hasbro Children's Hospital has long committed itself to the philosophy that close involvement of the family is central to a child's health and healing.  We recognize that families have the greatest influence over a child's health and well being and bring important strengths to their child's health care experience.

    Information sharing and collaboration between families and staff are cornerstones of the patient and family centered care philosophy.  Hasbro Children's Hospital implements these practices to help support and empower families in their natural care-giving and decision-making roles.

    Our philosophies on patient and family centered care are:

    • Share complete and unbiased information with parents.
    • Incorporate developmental needs.
    • Involve families in all aspects of planning, delivering and evaluating healthcare services.
    • Honor diversity of families.
    • Recognize and build on family strengths.
    • Implement policies and programs that are responsive to family-identified needs, including emotional and financial support.