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  • Children's Neurodevelopment Center

  • Special Programs

  • Our specialty programs support team is available every day to respond to parents' concerns and to ensure coordination of the child's multiple services across the continuum of care.

    The following programs, located in our center, assist children and families in accessing medically necessary services in the community:

    • Early Intervention is a comprehensive program for children between birth and three years of age who have, or who are at risk for, developmental challenges. The Children's Neurodevelopment Center is certified, through the Rhode Island Department of Human Services, to provide a full range of services to these children and their families. A multidisciplinary staff supplies family-centered evaluations, parent training and support, treatment options, and community-based services to augment the family's capacity to enhance the child's growth and development.
    • Families First CEDARR Center, provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, assessment, referral and re-evaluation to help families meet the needs of children with special health care challenges. Hasbro Children's Hospital and Bradley Hospital partner to provide the medical expertise for Families First CEDARR, as well as ensure that services are coordinated across the care continuum. The Rhode Island Department of Human Services provides funding and oversight to the CEDARR Centers.
    • The Max All Star Kids/Pediatric Palliative Care Program helps families with children who have chronic or life-threatening medical conditions. The goals are to ensure relief of pain and distressful symptoms for the child, and to offer services that enhance the comfort and quality of life for both the child and his family. The program seeks to give emotional and spiritual support, assistance in decision making and care planning, and access to community resources and services. This program is a grant-supported initiative.
    • Fragile X is dedicated to improving the lives of those with Fragile X syndrome, Fragile X-associated disorders, their families, and to the study and advocacy of new therapies and treatments.
    • At the Transition Clinic, young adult and teen patients and their families are guided through the transition from pediatric to adult health care. A transition coordinator helps families develop a transition plan and offers guidance and resources for adult care needs such as finding new primary care and health insurance providers and managing medications and appointments. Members from our team of specialists guide and support patients as they assume an active, independent role in managing their own health care.

    For more information about any of the programs please call 401-444-5685.