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  • The Colorectal Care Center at Rhode Island Hospital

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    The Colorectal Care Center is equipped with a special anorectal physiology laboratory. Manometric studies, 3D anal ultrasound and pudendal nerve studies can be performed to better understand and treat our patients' functional disorders.

    The lab can also be utilized for testing of pelvic floor problems, as well as for treatment, including biofeedback. Our endoscopy unit is fully equipped for screening, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of colorectal conditions.

    Our 3D endorectal ultrasound unit is utilized to properly stage and plan comprehensive treatment of rectal tumors. Our doctors' offices are located in the center for visits, consultations, procedures and scheduling.

    Among the services we offer are:

    • Colonoscopy
    • Polyp removal
    • Proctoscopy
    • Anoscopy
    • Outpatient treatments for hemorrhoids