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  • Chemical Peels: ß-Liftx

  • Facial Peels: ß-Liftx

  • ß-Liftx is a superficial chemical skin peel that that lifts dead cells from the skin's surface and refines skin texture. This peel uses beta hydroxyacid, and is also suited to treat such conditions as rosacea, acne and enlarged pores. This peel is only available through a dermatologist.

    Results are visible almost immediately.
    ß-Liftx typically:

    • Evens out skin tone
    • Refines skin texture
    • Makes wrinkles and fine lines less apparent
    • Reduces the amount of oil in acne-prone skin
    • Makes pores appear smaller
    • Makes scars appear reduced in size

    More about the procedure: What to expect

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