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  • Diabetes Treatment: Our Team

  • When you are a patient at the Hallett Center, you are cared for by a team of experts. Physicians, diabetes educators and researchers create a complete plan to help you manage your condition.

    The physicians at the Hallett Center are endocrinologists. Endocrinologists are specially trained physicians who treat diseases that affect the body's glands, the endocrine system. Diabetes is one such disease. Your primary care physician refers you to an endocrinologist if you have a problem with your endocrine system.

    Your endocrinologist will determine which types of medicine you need and how much medicine you need to take. He or she will also determine your appropriate blood sugar range, monitor your weight, and conduct tests to be sure that your blood sugar is in the "good" range and that your body is healthy. Your endocrinologist will work with other specialists and your primary care physician to coordinate a complete health care plan.

    A certified diabetes educator will teach you about proper diet and meal plans, how to test your blood, and how to fit diabetes care into your everyday life. If insulin is needed, a nurse will teach you simple methods for giving injections. If necessary, we will also arrange nutrition counseling or a weight management plan.

    To make an appointment with a Hallett Center physician, please call 401-444-8344. Appointment times are available Monday through Friday.