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  • Routine Preparations

  • Here's how to prepare for your CT scan:

    For a scan of the head (brain), neck, chest, arms and legs:

    • Do not eat or drink for four hours before your exam.
    • Do not have any liquid or solid food for four hours prior to your scheduled appointment time, but do take your prescription medications with a sip of water.
    • Pick up one CT drink kit from the CT department on the day before your exam. (This drink will make it easier for the radiologist to see your intestines and not confuse them with abnormal structures.)

    Instructions for the CT contrast drink:

    • The kit contains two bottles of readi-cat contrast drink. This is pre-mixed and may taste better when refrigerated. Please shake well before using. Do not mix with any other substance or pour over ice.
    • Ninety minutes before your scheduled appointment time, drink one bottle.
    • Thirty minutes prior to your appointment time, drink 2/3 of the second bottle.
    • Immediately before the test you will be instructed by the technologist to drink the last third of a bottle.